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Used specialty packaging line for flexible packaging of various kinds that included laminated bags, textile & paper bags from. machine sewn burlap bags to hold grain to today’s high speed printing, laminating and, bag making to contain hazardous chemicals for international shipping.
the plant’s 170,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in the united states and shut down since 2005. The company had serviced several fortune 500 companies as well as medium and small sized businesses. The process also included a design division that provided custom design of flexible packaging solutions for any client large or small.
most common products were: photographic packaging, dot bags, bale wraps, tree wrap/coil wrap / spiral wrap, drum liners, bin liners, meat covers, specialty construction and sterilizable medical bags. The plant was capable of producing a wide variety of additional products such as:
medical packaging
bags in various sizes constructed of toweling or sterilizable kraft papers used to hold a wide range of medical devices from plastic splints to catheters. Can be flexographic printed to meet customer’s requirements.
sophisticated combinations of paper and plastic film or all plastic produce a wide variety of sizes and shapes to protect light sensitive materials.
light weight, yet resistant to handling damage. These packages are designed to protect photographic papers, graphic arts media, medical films.
heavy duty bags
extremely heavy-duty packages designed to hold “difficult to handle” products, like hazardous chemicals, resins etc. Constructed of hot melt laminated, non-woven and woven substrates and all plastic. Capable of surpassing rigorous drop test requirements, dot/un certified. These bags provide moisture, puncture, and abrasion resistance with product safety built in. Flexographic printed to the customer’s requirements.
woven fabric packaging
heavy duty woven polyethylene or polypropylene, often extrusion coated, are used in specialty applications. Can be large sheets to enclose a wide variety of baled products to protect from contamination, abrasion, and handling damage. These sheets totally engulf the product in bales often weighing several hundred pounds. Smaller size custom applications include sewing cut panels of the material to form bags.
creped paper packaging
a wide product range using the creping of various papers. This process renders the paper much more flexible and tear resistant. The creped paper can be printed, laminated and string reinforced. Products include protective wraps for the metal and wire industries, liners for drums and cartons, interleaving sheets, absorbent meat wrap, painters drop cloths.
overall manufacturing capabilities of the facility includes:
– flexographic printing
– laminating
– creping of paper and plastic
– bag tubing
– bag bottoming
– side weld polyethylene bags
– bottom seal polyethylene bags
– slitting – rewinding
– cutting – sheeting
– sewing
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