45″ WIDE (1143MM) 5-LAYER EGAN
United States


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Cast film lines


Used 45″ wide (1143mm) 5-layer egan extrusion coater laminator. Line is equipped with 50″ maximum o.d. turret unwind with splicer and 40 hp reliance drive motor with allen bradley panelview 900 control. Line is equipped with the following:
– 50″ o.d. Turret unwind including splicer and 40 hp reliance drive motor and allen bradley panelview 900 controller. No drive controls. Winder is equipped with pivot edge guide. – egan web cleaner
– pillar 8.5kw corona treater
– black clawson laminating station with 24″ o.d. Rolls and 100 hp reliance drive motor.
– black clawson 3 extruder xyz carriage consisting of (1) 4.5″ extruder, (2) 2.5″ extruders, 30/1 l/d with melt pump and media filter on (1) of the 2.5″ extruders. No scr drive controls for the extruders.
– cloeren 5-layer variable geometry feed block
– cloeren 55″ epic iv externally deckled manual die
– pillar 5kw corona treater
– measurex model 2040 thickness scanning gauge/lump detector
– 60″ maximum o.d. Egan surface winder with auto transfer, roll hoist and allen bradley panelview 900 control with reliance 20 hp drive motor, no drive controls.
some spare parts included including 60″ ebr iii autogauge 5.3 extrusion die with cart.
line designed for 1000 feet per minute speed.