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New fully automatic 12.5 tpd cube sugar producing and packaging facility 400r. 1. general specifications of the facility
full automatic cube sugar producing and packaging facility 400r is a highly productive line which every part of it in contact with sugar is made of aisi 304 stainless steel.
the latest technology is used in this facility. All instant parts, like motors, rolling bears, cylinders, are the product of the companies which their quality is approved throughout the world.
the facility is produced according to 24 hours working principle. Certified by iso 9001:2000 quality certificates.
the machine carries out operator and environment safety rules. First class workmanship is met with same class equipment in this machine.
1. Technical specifications of facility
specification value
1. Code 400r
2. Capacity 12.500 boxes / 24 hours (1 kg)
3. Produced cube sugar dimension will be clarified by customer
4. Internal dimensions of the box will be clarified by us according to dimensions
5. Quality of the sugar dry, refined ( mostly %0,05 humidity ), white and constant quality crystal sugar with 0,3 – 0,8 mm dimension
6. Water quality drinkable water
7. Carton quality of the box suitable for food codex %9 humidified (+/- 2%), 430 micron (+/-10%). hardness degree should be din 53121(big or equal %30).
8. Glue quality henkel technomelt q 2264 tr
9. Installed electric power 110 kw/hour
10. Electric consumption (average) 55 kw/hour
11. Pressured air consumption 6 -8 bar 200 nl / min ( oil & dust prof)
12. Water consumption 2 m3 / 24 hour
13. Color of the machine metallic gray
14. Length of the facility up to the dimension of cube sugar
15. Width of the facility up to the dimension of cube sugar
16. Height of the facility 4 meters (standard)
17. Field for the facility dust free & max. %70 relative humidity
• 1 unit crystal sugar feeding unit with helezonic system
• 1 unit cube sugar pressing head with mold system
􀂾 1 unit mixer
􀂾 1 unit filling hooper set
􀂾 1 unit r type drum system
􀂾 1 unit stainless steel drum chassis
• 1 set drying tunnels
• 1 set cooling tunnels
• 1 unit filling automate
• 1 unit box making machine with glue
• aluminum conveyor system for box transfer
• 1 unit box covering machine
• 1 unit glue system
• 1 unit electric panel
• user guide
• installation
• operator training
3. Optional extras
presented below equipments are not necessary for machine working. These equipments are just for adding some extra specifications to the machine. And selection of these equipments is definitely left to the customer.
3.1 check weight control unit
this unit is used to control the weight of products weight in grams that is clarified at the top of the product. This unit could be assembly to outlet conveyor is portable rhythm unit. It has distinct plc unit and is reported to products average weight, number etc. To the operator from the touching screen.
3.2 ink – jet dating unit
this unit is used to mark finished bags with date and/or production data au