Top Seller
48" x .048" x 20
Chicago, IL
20,000 Lbs.


480V 3/60
Slit cuts:
6 Cuts of 0.048"
Coil width:
24" – 48"
Coil weight:
20,000 Lbs.
Material type:
Electro-Galvanized Mild Steel (50K PSI Yield)
Max. coil o.d:
Length accuracy:
+/- 0.030"
Max. line speed:
150' / Min.
Mode of operation:
Single Edge Operation; Feed-To-Stop
Material thickness:
0.027" – 0.048"
Shear cuts – at 18" feed length:
25 Cuts


1. Single Mandrel Uncoiler
A. Maximum coil weight capacity: 20,000 lbs.
B. Maximum coil width capacity: 48"
C. Maximum coil O.D.: 60"
D. 15½" to 20½" manual three arm mandrel expansion range
E. Heavy steel cover leaves with tapered nose for easy coil loading
F. Wedge type expansion provides coil stability
G. Heavy duty welded steel construction
H. Hydraulic powered payoff drive with dancer arm control
2. Hydraulic Side Mast Type Coil Car
A. Maximum coil weight: 20,000 lbs.
B. Maximum coil width: 48"
C. 0-24" full load vertical coil lift capacity allows the removal of partially run coils and requires no foundation trench
D. Vertical lift through hydraulic cylinder action with safety check valve
E. Heavy duty welded steel construction
F. Electrical push-button controls operate vertical lift and horizontal travel
G. Hydraulic drive provides horizontal travel
H. Two (2) flanged wheels and two (2) flat wheels for accurate tracking
I. Hydraulic power supplied from uncoiler hydraulic unit
J. Requires 40# rail mounted flush in the floor (installed by customer)
3. Adjustable Entry Guide
A. Maximum material width: 48"
B. Four (4) sided hardened plate type entry guides
C. One side is fixed with the other side being adjusted through handwheel
D. Entry catenary section for material loop support
E. Entry guide and catenary roll out of the way to set up the slitter
4. Quickset Slitter
A. 4" diameter arbors X 48" wide
B. Arbors mounted in heavy duty tapered roller bearings
C. Driven through common drive with straightener
D. Adjustable outboard squaring guide - manual adjustment
E. 5 sets 46SK D-2 material slitter knives
F. 5 sets 46RS rubber stripper rings
5. Straightener
A. Maximum strip width capacity: 48"
B. Material thickness capacity: .048"
C. 30 HP variable speed AC vector drive geared for 75 maximum roll speed
D. 5 work rolls (2 over 3) - 3" diameter hardened and ground work
E. Powered 4" diameter air-loaded entry pinch rolls
F. All work rolls and pinch rolls are chain driven
G. Centralized manual grease points provided for work roll and pinch roll bearing lubrication
H. End housings and bearing blocks to be heavy duty machined steel
I. Heavy duty welded structural steel framework
J. Top work roll head vertical and bank adjustable via (4) anti-backlash screw jacks
K. Automatic non-contact loop control automatically controls speeds of material through straightener
6. Electronic Digital Length Control Measuring System
A. Programmable controller with built-in batch counter and rate multiplier
B. Main operator control console
C. Heavy duty encoder mount
7. Hydraulic Cut-Off
A. Maximum strip width capacity: 48"
B. Material thickness capacity: .048"
C. Cuts per minute: 25 maximum
D. Stroke per minute: 60 maximum
E. Hydraulic actuated cut-off die complete with (4) sided D2 HC-HC cut-off blades
8. Transfer Belt Conveyor
A. Maximum sheet width: 48"
B. Transfers sheets or strips from shear
C. Full width endless type belt
D. Quick and simple belt alignment ad