2017 Agrokraft Federzahnegge TOR & TOR-X, Arbeitsbreiten 4,5m bis 24m Grass tines in Pulheim, Germany

Pulheim, Germany
$15,885 (USD)
Federzahnegge TOR & TOR-X, Arbeitsbreiten 4,5m bis 24m


Working width:
12.00 m
Transport width:
4.40 m
Agriculture equipment in Germany
Subcategory 2:
Grass tines


Spring toothed gate
- This device is used for mechanical weed control.
- It can be used in all crops.
- The capillarity is interrupted, fine crumbling of the soil and
Better soil breathing is achieved with the feathered lance.
Federzahngge TOR has been a fixed component of Agrokraft for 10 years
And has established itself very well in mechanical weed control. The feathered lice can be used in nearly all crops such as all kinds of cereals, corn, turnip, rape, soybeans, field beans, peas, potatoes, vegetables and grassland.
The spring toothed wheels with special form tube frame and individually attached to chain suspended spring toothed crop fields are equipped with 6 row-adjustable tine bars.
Due to the mobile harrow field we have a perfect ground adjustment
And extreme ruggedness, which is especially important for larger ones
Working widths is important.
It can be operated with a working speed of 6-12 km / h.
The aggressiveness of the spring tines can be reduced by the angle of attack with a
Simple adjustment lever on each individual harrow field (10 positions)
to be changed.
Optionally, the angle of attack can also be adjusted by means of hydraulic tine adjustment
Can be set.
Due to the lateral vibration of the spring tines in connection with the
Speed ​​is achieved.
With the protected spring turns, the cultivation of the crop is stopped
By the tine turn.
The unit is equipped with 2 rubber drums (wheels with screw - in wheel hubs and
Tapered roller bearing) behind the tractor track.
Due to the gyroscopic movement of the individual spring tines and the small
Line spacing (2.5cm) is an exact and gentle processing in the
Culture series.