2014 Förderband Länge 6 Meter,

2014 Förderband Länge 6 Meter, Breite 50 AP_FÖRDERBÄNDER in Erding, Germany

Erding, Germany
$5,311 USD


Condition info:
New machine


Conveyor belt length 6 meters, width 500 mm, sliding belt
1 piece new, unused, VB 5.000, - €
A second copy is available.
Color: orange (primed and lacquered in color RAL 2003)
Center distance: 5,700 mm, drum diameter 168 mm Ø
Loading height (feet removed): Top edge without funnel is approx. 500 mm
Delivery funnel (demountable): 150 mm high, 1000 mm long, with end limit
External length: 6000 mm
Belt width: 500 mm
Belt PVC sliding belt smooth design approx. 3mm thick
Belt speed adjustable from approx. 0.2 m / sec to approx. 1.0 m / sec.
SEW slip-on geared motor 1.1 kw with frequency converter / potentiometer on the motor; 400 Volt 50 Heart
Motor protection switch  Emergency stop,
Connection: plug with switch, 16 Amp
Four demountable, freely adjustable double supports with base plate, can be screwed to the side of the frame.
 Set the upper edge conveyor belt 1000 mm + - 200 mm at the desired height (for example as a sorting belt).
Resale 2nd hand, therefore functional check is required on acceptance.
No long-term guarantee.
Availability: 1 piece (s), new, ready for immediate delivery, price VB netto 5.000, - €
A second identical band is available, used, with minor defects. Price VB.
Delivery conditions:
- free self-collection in 85461 Grünbach
- Delivery in Germany for a flat rate of 430, - €