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Are you looking for a conveyor belt on size?
We can supply a band of 70 or 80 cm wide, 3 to 8 m and with different options.
Price from 3.750, - plus VAT
Basic machine consists of;
6 m long PVC tape 70 cm in light trough,
Single speed, a few wheels of which one wheel set with spindle adjustment and one set of wheels with pin and hole,
Black PVC tire and AVR green (other color available)
Each meter longer up to 8 meters 350.00
Each meter shorter less price 150.00
Tandem Set 4 pieces 450,00 Falling Funnel 250.00
Inverter 975.00
Fluorescent lighting above the band 325.00
Reverse switch 225.00
PVC tape with zijsnaren and scraper on the short side
wherein the tire is flat i.p.v. light trough 475.00
80 cm version instead of 70 cm 600.00
Any more meters with 80 cm up to 8 m. 100.00
Hydraulic drive i.p.v. electric. drive with
variable belt speed by means throttle valve 975.00
Hydraulic height discharge side by means hydraulic hand pump with two cylinders, two tires, angle
adjusting tires and hitch 1050.00
Combined with two bogie wheels instead
Just collapsing silk 225.00
corn Execution
Conveyor rollers at 25 cm instead of 50 cm incl. Sidewalls
seal 950.00
Surcharge grain seal 80cm
wide instead of 70 200,00
Prices are exclusive of 21% VAT and excl. Shipping.
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For more information, please contact:
Gert The Youngest
Tel. (+) 31 622 460 955