Marlboro Township, NJ, USA
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Mbs 130 Liter



New brunswick scientific, 130 liter, model mbs fermentor, built by fermentation design inc., (bethlehem, pa.) serial # 26, job # 3722. Features painted steel open back cabinet mount for vessel and all controls including honeywell chart recorder, honeywell programmable controls, analog pressure and temperature gauges, cabinet dimensions 6' high x 5' wide x 32" deep. Fermentation vessel is 316 ss and national board rated (# 26), and rated for internal pressure of 35 psi @ 300 deg. F, jacket max 50 psi @ 300 deg. F. Under full vacuum service, built 1973, 1 horsepower agitator drive belt driven and bottom entering with variable speed controls. Formerly used in food ingredient lab.