Pulheim, Germany
$14,725 (USD)
3M tillage equipment
ZORO 3m / auch in Arbeitsbreiten 3m bis 8m
Working Width:
3.00 m


Winged tine cultivator
Working width:
3.00 m
Number of gangs:
External condition:
Machine designation:
Grubber ZORO
Technical condition:
Maximum working depth:
45 cm


Agrokraft cultivator "ZORO"
The new Agrokraft cultivator of the series "ZORO" is characterized by a completely new concept through the interaction of cultivator tines, mixing discs and back-hardening roller.
On a frame (100x100 shaped pipe), sprung cultivator tines split with a tine spacing of 900mm.
The cultivator "ZORO" is offered in working widths from 3m to 6m.
Due to the 3-beam and the tine distribution on the frame an optimal, full-surface mixing of the soil is ensured.
Due to the special shape of the cultivator stem and the cultivator, the soil is plowed like a plow-like soil, so that any residue or straw is perfectly mixed.
In the ZORO cultivator, the cultivator handles are designed with a spring-loaded safety device which has a tripping force of 500 kg and is ideal for stony ground conditions.
The Grubberscharen which are equipped with wings of a width of 360mm and radiated to the left and right left a flat processing horizon. No earth masses are thrown over the 3m working width, even with a faster crossing, so no additional edge disks or plates are required.
Newly developed and maintenance-free hollow or mixing discs are rubber-loaded and can be adjusted centrally via a spindle in the depth.
The arrangement of the washers is precisely selected so that they mix just behind the cultivator stem, grounded soil, and thus leave the soil and straw mixture in a flat horizon.
The completely new, patented Rotorfeder roller ensures the perfect finish. This roller provides for additional mixing and leveling or re-consolidation of the soil. The depth adjustment is carried out centrally at one point by way of spacers, whereby the roller is fixedly connected to the device frame in any position setting.
The roller can be adjusted so that additional roller weight acts on the frame.
The Rotorfeder roller is universally applicable and works at all soil conditions (stones etc.).