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13"X16" Wells Swivel Type Horizontal

13"X16" Wells Swivel Type Horizontal Saw in Navasota, TX, USA

Navasota, TX
1316 S


Stock number:
1550 Lbs
Blade size:
1" X 12'6"X.035
Main motor:
3 Hp
Blade speed:
70 To 375 SFPM
Floor space:
76" X 90"
13" X 15-1/4"
Work height:
Feed controls:
Variable Hyd. Counter Balance
Discharge table:
Blade wheel size:
Coolant 8 gallon:
Maximum capacity flat:
Carbide guides with rollers:
Maximum capacity @ 45 degrees:
13" X 9-1/2"
Maximum capacity @ 60 degrees:
8-1/2" X 8"
Maximum capacity round 45 degrees:
Maximum capacity round 60 degrees:
Maximum capacity round 90 degrees:


Equipped With:
Features Pushbutton control of sawing down feed Fully adjustable counterbalance spring to control weight of saw frame Variable Hydraulic Feed Rate Control Spring loaded Carbide Guides with Rollers Combination Blade Drive: Reduction Gearbox and Perimeter Ring & Pinion Baldor® Motor 3 HP Motor 3 Phase TEFC 2 HP Single Phase ODP Infinitely Variable Blade Speeds Rite-Tension® Blade Tensioning Device Wet Cutting System Powered Blade Brush 110 Volts at Controls Overload and Under voltage Protection Precision Ground Bed and Vise Jaws Quick Acting Vise Adjustable Stock Stop Auto Shut-Off at End of Cut OSHA Blade Guarding Tiger-Tooth® Bi-Metal Blade Coolant for Initial Start-Up Optional Features for consideration: Available Options and Accessories For installation at time of manufacture. DESCRIPTION Flush Hose Kit DL 1316S-905 $298.00 Variable Speed, Frequency type / AC Motor $2,113.00 Casters: Set of four (2 locking) 100113-003 $186.00 Fused Disconnect (NEMA Type 1) $648.00 NFPA Electrics NEMA 12 Enclosure, Fused Disconnect, IEC Components $846.00 50 Hz / Export Voltage $Contact Factory Leveling/Vibration Mounts 098041-004 $91.00 MQL Lubricant System ("Near Dry" system) $906.00 Lubricant for MQL System, one gallon $71.00 Blade Break/Stall Switch DL 1316S-807 $747.00 Laser Line Pointer $711.00 Roller Conveyor 5ft x 18" 098050-013 $703.00 10ft x 18" 098050-014 $1,164.00 Mid-Duty Stock Stand, 250 lb. capacity, 18" wide roller098047-001 $181.00 Heavy Duty Stock Stand, 1000# capacity, 6" wide roller M-325BM-325H with casters $427.00 Heavy Duty Stock Stand, 1000# capacity, 12" wide rollerM-326BM-326H with casters $457.00 Freight Quote Disclaimer. Please read. These policies are controlled by the carrier not by Wellsaw. Unless specified in the quote, Freight is quoted only for the item(s) at the time of the request. If your customer changes or adds options to the order this quote is no longer valid. This quote is valid for 30 days. This freight quote is based upon shipment to a BUSINESS location in the ZIP code provided. The carrier assumes that the business has a loading dock and fork truck to unload the package. There will be additional charges if the carrier determines that the ship-to location is Non-Commercial, also referred to as "residential" or "farm". There will also be additional fees for: no dock lift gate services advance-notice phone calls delivery to schools, training centers, church or government offices delivery to location needing an appointment and/or escort such as: military facility, secure commercial facility (i.e. large mill or plant) OSHA STATEMENT Wellsaw band saw machines meet the OSHA safety standards that are in effect as of the time of this writing. Compliance with OSHA requirements is the legal responsibility of the user. All Wellsaw band saws now include as standard equipment, blade guards, low voltage protected switches with automatic cut-off at the completion of a cut, enclosed belt and pulley guards and grounded e