Roxboro, NC, USA
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Bradley extruders


Stock number:
This line has been scrapped Available = 1. One new cylinder 2. Two new containers
Billet size:
7" diam x 31.5" max length
Sutton (USA) / New 1975 Oilgear upgrade in 2008
Equipment- plc:
Allen Bradley SLC4
Equipment- type:
Direct extrusion 4 column design Horizontal oil-hydraulic
Equipment- puller:
Assimakis / 1990 0 - 150kg force Hyd. drive, PLC control
Equipment- hot saw:
Assimakis (Greece) Movable saw with PLC cut- length control
Equipment- capacity:
1800mtons at 3000psi
Equipment- container:
For 7" billet Liner length = 35.43" Electric resistance heating
Equipment- main pump:
2 x DVV-15030, 3000psi servo 1150 lpm total output, 3000psi 2 x Toshiba 200hp motors
Equipment- stretcher:
Granco Clark 20 ton hydraulic
Equipment- air quench:
Fans top & bottom
Equipment- die system:
Electric die heater Crane and monorail system to carry dies to slides 1 and 2
Equipment- finish saw:
2' 7" max profile bundle width Infeed and gauging tables Profile exit conveyor Cyclone chip collector
Equipment- ageing oven:
Granco Clark - batch type, 2 door, LPG heated, reversible end-to-end air circulation 43' L x 6'6" W x 6'0" H
Equipment- dummy block:
Replaceable, by CasTool
Equipment- runout table:
Granco Clark Kevlar free rollers 157 ft long x 2 ft wide Hydraulic drive
Equipment- sealing pump:
Oilgear PVWH
Equipment- water quench:
Water box - 16'6" long
Equipment- billet heater:
Belco, Allen Bradley PLC 2-zone direct gas fired burner
Equipment- hot log shear:
Assimakis (Greece) Auto log load table for 7" diam log up to 69ft long Cut length control system
Equipment- auxiliary pump:
Vickers 63 lpm output at 3000psi
Equipment- lead-out table:
Fixed graphite covers Vertical height control Profile shear
Equipment- walking beam tables:
Graphite covered Polyester belts
Equipment- oil hydraulic system:
Oilgear / new 2008
Equipment- oil filtration system:
With double heat exchanger cooling system - 10 micron