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Roxboro, NC, USA


Stock number:
Capabilities- alloys:
1xxx, 3xxx, 8xxx series
Capabilities- coil size:
ID - 508mm / 20" OD - 2000mm max / 78.7" Wt - 12 mtons max / 26,400lbs
Equipment included- slitter:
Used Stamco slitting line
Equipment included- cold mill 1:
One (1) Chinese made 4-hi mill New 2012 2 x 1294kW DC motors 476/1050 rpm AGC system Achenbach "Optiroll" AFC Coolant system Uncoiler and recoiler 1200 mpm max line speed
Equipment included- cold mill 2:
Used Spidem 4-hi mill AGC, electrics, and controls upgraded in 2013
Equipment included- roll grinder:
Used Waldrich unit
Equipment included- strip casters:
Four (4) Twin-roll continuous strip casters
Capabilities- cast strip thickness:
6.0 - 12.0 mm / .236 - .472"
Capabilities- finished strip width:
800 - 1600mm / 31.5 - 63"
Equipment included- holding furnaces:
Four(4) 16 mton tilting holder
Equipment included- melting furnaces:
Four(4) 25-mton reverb melters 5.0 mton/hr melt rate each 2 nat gas fired regen burners
Equipment included- annealing furnaces:
Four (4) batch coil type units Common charging car
Equipment included- cut-to-length line:
Chinese made Double stacking
Capabilities- cold rolled finished strip thickness:
0.1 mm minimum / .004"
Rolling mills