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One (1) Used 36" 2-Hi
Roxboro, NC, USA


Stock number:
RM-228 a
Coil size:
ID - 24" OD - 72" max. Weight - 10,000 lbs. max
Line speed:
104 and 251 fpm max Based on original design and the gearbox that was in use but is no longer available.
Bliss Modified by Tippins 1996
Equipment- rolls:
26.5" diam x 36" face
Equipment- roll count:
6 total 4 spares + 2 in the mill
Equipment- mill drives:
1 x 1250hp DC motor 125/300 rpm 460,000 ft lbs torque NO GEARBOX INCLUDED
Equipment- roll bearings:
Roller type
Mill type / previous use:
- Was in a 2 stand hot mill reducing aluminum slab from a continuous slab caster. - STAND #1 HAS BEEN SOLD !!! - Caster not included but we can supply a caster separately
Equipment- roll change rig:
One included, hydraulic
Equipment- scratch brushes:
4 total / located on entry & exit side of each mill
Equipment- fume exhaust hood:
Equipment- chocks and bearings:
One complete set of 4
Equipment- coolant spray system:
Slab size (for two stands)- width:
29.5" max / 749mm
Equipment- beta ray thickness gauge:
Equipment- hydraulic gap agc system:
21" diam cylinders @ 3500 psi Top-mounted, double acting Isotope thickness gauge
Slab size (for two stands)- incoming thickness:
.984" max / 25.0mm
Slab size (for two stands)- outgoing thickness:
.472" min / 12.0mm
Rolling mills
Subcategory 2:
Hot rolling mills