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1650mm Narrow Cut Looping Slitting
Roxboro, NC


Stock number:
Coil size:
ID - 508mm / 20" OD - 1800mm max / 70.8" Wt - 25 mtons max / 55,000lbs
Line speed:
120 mpm bare mandrel / 394 fpm
Line layout:
Looping type, left-to-right
Strip thickness:
0.4 - 6.0mm / .016 - .236"
Equipment- slitter:
Two (2) interchangeable heads 220mm diameter arbors / 8.66" 400mm diameter knives / 15.75" 88 kW DC drive Scrap choppers
Equipment- recoiler:
Hydraulic expansion Stripper plate Separator 105 kW DC drive
Equipment- uncoiler:
Double expanding mandrel 23 kW drive Snubber roll Hydraulic traverse movement
Material capability:
420 N/mm2 max tensile
Equipment- turnstile:
Equipment- crop shear:
With strip centering
Equipment- looping pit:
Carry over table Brake Separators
Maximum number of cuts:
20 at 1.5mm width / .060" 7 at 6.0mm / .236'
Equipment- banding table:
With coil turning
Equipment- exit coil car:
Pit type
Equipment- entry coil car:
Pit type
Equipment- complete electrics and hydraulics:
New 2009
Equipment- coil opener / pinch rolls / leveler:
23 kW drive, telescoping table one pinch roll set, 2 rolls over 2 leveler
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Subcategory 2:
Slitting lines