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52" Aluminum Tension Leveling/Trim Line
Roxboro, NC, USA
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Aluminum and its alloys
Coil size:
Entry ID - 16" OD - 84" (90" clearance) Exit ID - 9", 12", 16" arbors Coil weight - 17,000 lbs.
Line speed:
1250 fpm
Stamco/McKay - 1974
Strip width:
10" - 52"
Strip thickness:
.005" - .032"
Equipment- recoiler:
Stamco, 150 hp Push-off plate, traversing
Equipment- uncoiler:
Stamco, 75 hp 300/1800rpm, 3.343:1 gearbox 15" retracted ID 16.75" expanded ID Hold down roll
Equipment- flattener:
1 top, 1 bottom module 5 backup rolls, 4 intermediate 3 work rolls Mist lube system
Equipment- exit shear:
Stamco, 10 hp
Equipment- hydraulics:
Complete ask for complete spec
Equipment- belt wrapper:
Equipment- exit bridles:
Stamco 24" diam x 56" face Nova-thane #3 covering
Equipment- peeler table:
Lift and extension
Equipment- preflex unit:
1 top, 1 bottom module 3 backup rolls, 2 intermediate 1 work roll
Equipment- scrap blower:
Stamco "Turbo" 5 hp, drive, 15 hp fan
Equipment- side trimmer:
Stamco, 7.5hp
Equipment- entry bridles:
Stamco, 4-roll type 23.5" diam x 56" face rolls Nova-thane #3 covering Snubber rolls - 8", steel
Equipment- exit coil car:
Stamco, lift cylinders
Equipment- scrap chopper:
Stamco, 5 hp Support Roll Tension roll
Equipment- entry turnstile:
Stamco 2-arm Hyd push-off 21,000 lbs max with spool
Equipment- tension leveler:
McKay (Voss) 15 hp, 850 rpm, 5.136:1 Top frame lift Driven roll bend adjust Tilt adjust motors
Equipment- behlen strip joiner:
50hp, 1775rpm Hyd pumps, 2 x 60 gpm
Equipment- electrical controls:
Equipment- exit centering guide (2):
Askania, air edge guide
Equipment- entry centering guides (2):
MEA, laser sensor
Equipment- mechanical differential bridle drive system:
ask for our complete spec
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