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Vulcan® ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue)

Vulcan® ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue) Dryer System in Moberly, MO, USA

Moberly, MO, USA


processing and drying of automotive shredder residue
Industrial use:
This custom-built unit is specifically designed to dry automotive shredder residue for recycling and reuse.
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Materials that can be processed:
automotive shredder residue (ASR)
Asr dryers
Metal recycling


Vulcan® ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue) Dryer System - Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, LLC in Moberly, Missouri, can supply a full range of equipment to dry, sort and move Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR). Our new or used dryers are designed specifically to dry ASR so that the material is easy to transport, separate and handle. We can size your dryers to suit your process and have built 40 tons per hour and 80 tons per hour plants for clients in the industry. Our Vulcan® Dryer Systems consist of a correctly sized drum with a burner. The burner is mounted to a combustion chamber. Dried material is discharged to a transfer conveyor for further sorting and separation. The vapor from the process is pulled through a cyclone, which is specifically designed to deal with the fine ASR dust, as well as a high temperature baghouse to remove all fine particulates from the vapor stream. All ductwork, cyclone and other high-wear areas in the system have abrasive resistant wear plates to reduce wear and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the system. All oversized material ore is removed from the feed stream by our Tuffman® Trommel, which is placed in front of the feed conveyor. Our heavy-duty Tuffman® Conveyors transfer the material to and from the dryer system. Our conveyors can be covered to keep the dried material from rain and the other elements.
Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, LLC specializes in the remanufacture and reconditioning of used equipment, incorporating used components into a designed solution for specific applications like ASR. In addition to this, we have recently started manufacturing new dryer systems. Our services also include set-up, commissioning, training and maintenance support services over the lifetime of your project.
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