Moberly, MO, USA
$38,000 USD


air pollution control
Industrial use:
A cyclone is an essential component in a soil remediation system. After the soil has been thoroughly heated, it passes into the cyclone, which filters the air and collects the dust before discharging the material.
Listing number:
Materials that can be processed:
soil, waste materials


Stansteel 80,000 CFM Cyclonic Scrubber with Exhaust Fan - 11' diameter wet scrubber for dust control. How it works: Dust-laden exhaust gas from a rotary dryer or thermal desorption system enters the side of the cyclonic scrubber through a 5' square and travels around the vortex finder while getting sprayed from a ring pipe. The vapor then travels upward through the vortex finder into the eye of another spray nozzle. Vapor exits through a 4' diameter opening on top of the scrubber. Liquid and particulate discharge through a 6" hole in the bottom of the collector. Exhaust fan mounted on the vapor discharge of the scrubber. The exhaust fan discharges through a 58.5" x 32.75" outlet with a damper. Mounted on a dual-axle trailer with dual 22.5" tires, air brakes, lights and manual landing jacks. Fan model: ZF-50. Fan serial number: 2046. All good condition.