Moberly, MO, USA
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drying of materials
Industrial use:
Fluidized bed dryers are ideal for processing materials that are temperature-sensitive or fragile. These units cause less degradation than conventional dryers and are capable of drying a wide variety of products.
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Materials that can be processed:
synthetics, minerals, fertilizer, plastics, pet foods, sugar, tobacco, coal/coke, vegetables, tile chips, acid crystals, dairy powder, ores, confections, pharmaceuticals, fiberglass, cereals/grain, bauxite/clay, crumb rubber, rubber pellets, scrap/refuse, chemical compounds, bark, seeds, cheese, resins, glass, pasta, rice bran, explosives, detergents, sludge, salt


Airstream Stainless Steel Food Grade Fluidized Bed Dryer - Efficiently heat or dry your product, deactivate or regenerate catalyst, use as a fluidized bed reactor or adsorber or desorber of chemical components on a solid substrate or biofluidization and cultivation of microorganisms. Suitable for food grade processing or most solids that require rapid heat and mass transfer for improved product quality. The fluidizing bed can be changed to a ceramic porous media to fluidize fine particulate even less than 10 microns, such as flour, corn starch or materials of cement consistency. Downstream fine particulate collection or vapor recovery systems can easily be included to your design and specifications.
Batch style fluidized bed that uses hot gases to fluidize light weight feeds. Inspection port allows for easy visual confirmation of fluidization, drain plug and manual discharge valve. Maximum temperature range of 300-400 F. Overall approximate dimensions: 19' long x 6' wide x 10' high. The chamber below the bed for fluidization gas is 2' deep. Can be mounted on an incline to encourage process material to move forward through the bed. Fluid bed dryer equipped with 2.75 MMBtu/hr. Maxon Ovenpak II Natural Gas Burner, Model 400, Size 425, MFG Date: 6/95. Burner comes equipped with combustion box, combustion blower and fuel train. The exhaust from the burner is pushed through the fluid bed by a New York Blower, Series 20 GI, Size 404 DH, Shop Number: MO 7858100. Can move up to 15,000 CFM. Powered by a 60 hp, 460 V, 1,780 rpm US Electric motor. Good condition.