Vibrating Fluidized Bed Equipment in Moberly, MO

Moberly, MO
$317,000 USD


drying and cooling of materials
Category 2:
Rotary Dryers & Incinerators
Category 3:
Soil Remediation Equipment
Category 4:
Waste & Refuse Equipment
Industrial use:
Vibrating fluidized bed equipment is ideal for processing materials that are temperature-sensitive or fragile. These units cause less degradation than conventional systems and are capable of drying and cooling a wide variety of products.
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Materials that can be processed:
synthetics, minerals, fertilizer, plastics, pet foods, sugar, tobacco, coal/coke, vegetables, tile chips, acid crystals, dairy powder, ores, confections, pharmaceuticals, fiberglass, cereals/grain, bauxite/clay, crumb rubber, rubber pellets, scrap/refuse, chemical compounds, bark, seeds, cheese, resins, glass, pasta, rice bran, explosives, detergents, sludge, salt


Vibrating Fluidized Bed Equipment - for solids cooling and drying.
Includes the following:
complete vibrating fluidized bed (vibrator, wind box, distributor plate, bed section, classifier section and freeboard)
gas outlet plenum
air plenum
duct burner
Fluidized bed has an active area where cooling and drying take place plus a screening section that produces separate fine and coarse sized product streams that can be processed separately or combined.
Cooler mode: Fluidized bed is designed to cool 10,000 lbs./hr. of solids containing 3% moisture from 250-300° F inlet to 100-120° F outlet.
Dryer mode: Equipment is sized to dry up to 10 tons/hr. of particulate solids such as sand or plastic beads containing up to 11% moisture. There is a duct burner and hot air plenum to provide preheated fluidizing gas to the wind box section of the dryer. The required burner capacity to dry 11% moisture material is 8.5 MMBtu/hr. which has not been validated.