Consumat Systems C75PKD Waste Disposal Incinerator in Moberly, MO

Moberly, MO
$98,500 USD


combustion of organic materials through exposure to extremely high temperatures
Category 2:
Waste & Refuse Equipment
Industrial use:
Waste incinerators are especially useful in industries involving the treatment and disposal of hazardous or toxic waste.
Listing number:
Materials that can be processed:
medical waste, hazardous waste, chemical waste


Consumat Systems C75PKD Waste Disposal Incinerator - rated to destroy 250 lb./hr. of solid waste and 175 lb./hr. of pathological waste (type IV waste). Incineration in primary lower chamber in a 5.5 cubic foot cast refractory lined chamber. Two (2) natural gas fired 350,000 BTU/hr. Eclipse Model WC-5 burners in the primary lower chamber. Natural gas fired by one (1) 500,000 BTU/hr. Eclipse Model WC-6 burner in the secondary chamber for vapor oxidation. Three (3) individual temperature controllers, one for each burner. Additional combustion air for the chamber supplied by a 1/2 hp blower. Material is fed to primary chamber by a 24" x 24" hydraulic powered ram feed loader. Easy incineration chamber is provided via a latching hinged 16" x 16" cleanout door. 19" ID flange for exhaust stack. Stack can be manufactured as an additional option. Overall footprint dimensions with loader are: 16'5" long x 6'3" wide x 10'9" tall. System is ideal for medical waste and municipal solid waste incineration. Good condition.