Thermal Oxidizer with Heat Recovery in Moberly, MO

Moberly, MO
$164,000 USD


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Thermal Oxidizer with Heat Recovery - Process Combustion Corporation oxidizer designed to treat a maximum of 5,600 SCFM of waste gas at a minimum combustion efficiency of 99.5 percent using pre-heated air. 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit maximum operating temperature with a minimum of 0.5 second residence time in a cast refractory lined chamber. Fired by a 20.5 MMBtu/hr. Bloom 1200-160 FTR Burner. Exhaust: 20,500 ACFM at 600 degrees Fahrenheit discharged to stack by Induced Draft Fan. Twin City Fan and Blower, size 923, RBO-SW, Class 45 with a 75 hp motor. Overall oxidizer dimensions: 22' 3.125" long x 6' 10.5" OD. Internal dimensions: approximately 21' long x 6' ID. PCC Reference 2703. Good condition.
Industrial information about our Thermal Oxidizer with Heat Recovery:
Materials that can be processed: gases/vapors
Process: breaking down toxins in vapor before releasing it into the atmosphere
Industrial use: A thermal oxidizer is most commonly used with a dust collector as the final step in the soil remediation process. The high temperature in the thermal oxidizer decomposes the gas, destroying hazardous air pollutants and breaking down hydrocarbon-based pollutants.