Moberly, MO, USA
$1,950,000 USD


removing and separating contaminants from soil, drying and heating a variety of materials, volume reduction of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, cooling materials
Industrial use:
A thermal desorption system remediates contaminated soil. This unit is designed for processing a variety of types of soil, as well as cooling incinerator ash, limestone and coke from a calciner.
Listing number:
Materials that can be processed:
soil, bulk solids, filter cakes, paste, sludge, alumina, carbon black, sodium chloride, plastics, pesticides, potassium chlorides, fine coal, petroleum coke, limestone


Vulcan® Indirect Fired (Electrically-Heated) Thermal Desorption Unit with Vapor Recovery Unit - mounted on 2 - 60' long x 10' wide skids making it mobile and easy to setup. The system is ideal for treating drilling muds, oil-contaminated soil or drill cuttings and will process up to 2 tons per hour. The first skid and primary unit consist of 2 - 36' long x 12" diameter screw conveyors that work in a series. The first screw is a low-temperature (550 F) screw that removes all the low-end hydrocarbons and moisture from the contaminated material. After the contaminated material moves through the first screw, it is passed into the second screw. This high-temperature (950 F) screw conveyor removes the heavier hydrocarbons. The clean solids are discharged at the end of the unit into a material discharge screw conveyor.
The primary unit is heated by a series of electrical heat elements fixed to the shell of the screw conveyors. The screw conveyors are insulated with a high-temperature insulation blanket.
The gases are removed from the primary desorption unit by a positive displacement pump connected to the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU), gas extraction pipes with quench spray nozzles and a gas extraction manifold that runs throughout the entire length of the screw conveyor jackets.
The VRU consists of two systems, one for recovering the lighter hydrocarbons and one for recovering heavier hydrocarbons. Each VRU system consists of a vertical quench, primary knock-out pot, secondary high-pressure gas knock-out pot, positive displacement pump and oil filtration units. The system uses the recovered oil as quenching fluid, and the recovered oil and gases can be stored and used or sold.