TPS M40 SRU103 Portable Thermal Desorption Unit in Moberly, MO

Moberly, MO
$746,000 USD


removing and separating contaminants from soil, drying and heating a variety of materials, volume reduction of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, cooling materials
Category 2:
Soil Remediation Equipment
Industrial use:
A thermal desorption system is able to adapt to small or large projects of varying degrees of complexity, soil types and weather. This unit provides a cost-effective, permanent solution for cleaning contaminated soil.
Listing number:
Materials that can be processed:
contaminated soil, sludge, drilling muds, bulk solids, filter cakes, paste, alumina, carbon black, sodium chloride, plastics, pesticides, potassium chlorides, fine coal, petroleum coke, limestone, drill cuttings.


TPS M40 SRU103 Portable Thermal Desorption Unit - includes one 20' x 6' primary drum (carbon steel) with 22.7 MMBtu/hr. Hauck burner and oxidizer (secondary) with 25 MMBtu burner, baghouse, separate scrubber unit, controls. This unit has been reconditioned to include rebuilt baghouse with some new bags and some new cages, new tube-sheets, new augers and auger housing, rebuilt outriggers cylinders, new oxidizer, new burner controls, new electrical systems, and fresh paint. Mounted on a triple-axle trailer with new tires. Good condition. Good for treating hydrocarbon contaminated soils, sludge, tank bottom and some drilling muds.