2015 texmato Automatic Plastic Plug

2015 texmato Automatic Plastic Plug Assembly in Espelkamp, Germany

Espelkamp, Germany


Cycle time:
1.6 seconds for 1 plastic plug pair


Here we show a Automatic Plastic Plug Assembly Machine in the area of our wide range of standardized and near-standardized machines. Of course each machine can be modified to your special needs. Please contact us for a more detailed offer
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This machine can be used for pressing plugs or similar items into pre-drilled wooden rails, e. g. plastic plugs are pressed into wooden rails which are then needed for slatted bed frames
Functionality of machine
From a vertical magazine a conveyor belt singles out the lowest lath and transports it to the first mounting position. At the same time the plugs or similar items are singled and automatically fed by a sorter
Gripper place the plugs (or similar items) into the pre-drilled wooden rail. A pneumatic cylinder then presses the item into the wooden rail. Now the rail is conveyed and the next plugs can be placed and pressed
The machine on the photo places two plugs at the same time. The space between the drilled holes are programmed at the control panel as well as detected by sensors
The machine can easily be set-up by the operator for different sizes and hole patterns
Capacity: This machine doesn't need constant attention and can be operated by one
person in a secondary processing time
Total capacity depending on feeding system
Cycle time: 1.6 seconds for 1 plastic plug pair
We would be pleased to submit a detailed offer with price and time of delivery