2015 texmato Automatic Clip fastening

2015 texmato Automatic Clip fastening on wooden rails in Espelkamp, Germany

Espelkamp, Germany




Here we show a machine for "Automatic Blip fastening on wooden rails" in the area of our wide range of standardized and near-standardized machines. Of course each machine can be modified to your special needs. Please contact us for a more detailed offer
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Automatic Clip fastening on wooden rails
This machine automatically staples plastic clips or other fastening clips onto wooden rails. These clips are later used for example for attaching curved springs. Ideal for upholstered furniture, automobile seats, and airplane seats and other purposes
The chain conveyor removes the lowest wooden rail from the magazine and conveys it to the first clip mounting position
After feeding the first Clip, the nailer places the staples. The conveyor belt transports the rail and the remaining clips are placed in the predefined spaces. The clip distancecan be defined at the control panel.The positioning accuracy of clip spacing is less than +/- 1 mm
The cycle time depends on the length of the laths and the amount of clips to be fastened. The cycle time of the system is approx. 1,0 second per clip
We would be pleased to submit a detailed offer with price and time of delivery