2004 Rothmund / Laier 5,62/6,00
Halle (Saale), Germany
$130,600 USD
Rothmund / Laier
5,62/6,00 x 2,95 m


Subcategory 3:
Garages Schalungensanlage 2


We offer: 2 Garages Schalungensanlage Rothmund / Laier 5.62 / 6.00 x 2.95 m The plants come out of the assets of an insolvent finisher of different concrete elements (ceilings, walls, garages and modules). The plant was due to production changes of the client professionally dismantled and stored outdoors. A functional test is not possible. The facilities consist of the following components: Garage formwork 2 Rothmund / LAIER was revised in 2004 by LAIER for length 5.62 x 2.78 m and 6.00 x 2.95 as a fixed size, including ancillary units with extension system to the higher degree. consisting of: 1.1 set base frame, 2.1 retractable core with extension for length adjustment 3.1 rear roll wall 4.1 front roll wall 5.2 longitudinal walls 6.1, peripheral support angle 7.1 set formwork for electric door 8.1 set hydraulic tensioner (bottom and sides) 9.1 kit hydraulic system with control panel 10.1 electrical cabinet Vibratory 11 incl. auxiliaries and the following Zuausstattung for plant 1 and 2 (optional) 2) 15 Pallets for Precast Garage 3) 1 spreader beam Rothmund special machines 4) 6 pallets for Flooring with vibration system 2 with heating (kranbarer only for prefab garages) 5) Concrete bucket available (for Garage formwork and mixing) volume = 5.5 m3 Other assets in the field of concrete production. The devices have offered the usual for the industry use trace [...Technical data truncated]