2001 LPG Cellu M6 IP

2001 LPG Cellu M6 IP Endermologiegerät in Garbsen, Germany

Garbsen, Germany
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Cellu M6 IP


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TOP condition LPG Endermologie CELLU M6 IP BJ.2001 only 323 total hours. All treatment heads available, center section and all face heads in the set newer software V 2.2 with Endermologie program fully functional, 2 new replacement filter incl. Dirty for no more trains, 2 brand new application hoses and overnight trains mounted, 2 brand new supply hoses and overnight trains assembled, tested training book and operational documents complete, several Body treatments carried out with it. Our service for you: An active instruction in our showroom can be carried out by our certified trainer and owner of LPG (B.of Health). A good advice regarding the now 28-year track record of LPG Cellu M6 with the series through to the latest TOP Model Cellu M6 Integral Endermolab and our team is very important! With these devices you can LIPOMASSAGE, LIFTMASSAGE, ENDERMOLIFT and ENDERMOLOGIE perform. All latest models in our LPG Institute inspected and tested in Hanover werden.Die equipment sold by us from the German general distribution, we also like to make them an ideal lease offer. A delivery for mileage rate possible, AU, CH and PL. With the Cellu M6 IP launches LPG Systems - a world leader in the connective tissue treatment in a new age. Ideas, experience and research spirit created with the Cellu M6 IP is a sensitive instrument whose results selb [...Technical data truncated]