Inspection in Lützen, Germany

Inspection in Lützen, Germany

Lützen, Germany
$23,589 USD




1 piece inspection for flexural strength testing of workpieces furniture parts Technical specifications: Length min. 1,800 mm max. 2,300 mm Width min. 70 mm width max. 100 mm thickness min. 28 mm thickness max. 33 mm test station consisting of: - Portal superstructure over existing transport means of a saw and drill (as per drawing) working height is taken - Linear Guide with 4 linear guide slides - 2 Workpiece hold-down means of pneumatic cylinders, pad wrapping to work with felt, right side adjustable via threaded spindle and counter - 1 trolley with vertical guides for the lift cylinder and the test weight (50 kg) trolleys via threaded spindle with counter externally positioned - Protective device against electricity and compressed air failure - Base mounted flap switch in the work area, Höhenjustiereinrichtung the switch over the counter - pneumatic system with cylinders and valves - electric control box including electronic Zyklussteürung 1 piece of identification of faulty parts fabr Marburg CE compliant design Finish: RAL 3020 protective devices, machine parts RAL 7035