2016 Radler & Ruf ECO-Line

2016 Radler & Ruf ECO-Line SK 1100 Sand blast Cabinet injector blasting Cabinet in Steinfurt, Germany

Steinfurt, Germany
Radler & Ruf
ECO-Line SK 1100




The sandblasting cabinet ECO-Line SK 1100 is a powerful sand blast cabinet for hobby, industry and trade with blasting material circulation. They are equipped with a professional Saugstrahlsystem including hardened jet nozzle and a high-performance filter system. The systems are fully assembled and can be put into operation immediately after a simple installation. The beam gun can be carried by hand or be locked in a holder. The blasting process is started or stopped with a foot switch. Due to the large viewing window you will get a good insight into the lighted cabin during the blasting process. The dust-laden air is extracted and purified by the filter system. All sand blasting cabinets of type ECO-Line are taken according to VDE pplication fields blasting, rust removal, deburring, hardening and lapping, descaling, roughening of surfaces, etc. .. Suitable blasting agent for the operation are, almost all commercial blasting agents such as aluminum oxide, glass beads, ceramic, plastic, nutshells, cast steel, etc. .. Specifications sandblasting cabinet ECO-Line SK 1100 External dimensions W x D x H: 1280 x 1010 x 1775 mm Internal dimensions W x D x H: 1170 x 860 x 815 mm Weight kg: about 136 window W x H: 690 x 320 mm Compressed air connection : "or" air requirement l / min: 400-700 lighting: 4 x 12 Watt fluorescent tube Power supply: 230 volts Equipment: through large front flap filter system: AE-T [...Technical data truncated]