1996 siehe Maschinenliste in PDF
Salzburg, Austria
$679,120 USD
siehe Maschinenliste in PDF Format


Subcategory 2:
Particle Board Plant, look PDF
Condition info:
Used machine very good and ready for operation


Thе particle board plant can produce particle boards (DIN68761) triple- layered in sorts of P1 - P7 (before FPY, V20, V100), emission class E1 (or depending on the glue replacement also formaldehyde - free)and because of the existing grinding road it can be also produced with a polished surface. The max. size of the raw boards is 1.950 x 11.220 mm = 6´ x 36´ and can be be thereafter divided accordingly. It is possible to produce boards in all common thicknesses and also with a higher density for shifting plates. The yearof construction is up 1978 (Simpelkamp - Press)to 1996 for other components. The plant was always well maintained and was always updated to the latest technical status. In the course of relocation to Canada the plant was completely overhauled
Images, accurate inventory, description of the plant, please ask
Price of the plant: € 850.000
Dismantling, freight, reconstruction and commissioning can be organized by us. All costs for about € 800,000, - up to € 1,1 million, depending on location etc