1999 TRIMA BFM 630/140 DOOR
Bovenden, Germany
BFM 630/140 DOOR


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CNC machining cеntre for single or series production to the format (sawing or milling), n.1, drill, saw, and grooves, editing area with Milling spindle at D = 50 mm and milling cutter length L = 100 mm in X = 6300 mm, Y = 1400 mm, Z = 210 mm, C-axis ± 360 degrees endless rotating feed in X = 45 m / min., in Y = 35 m / min., at Z = 10 workpiece support consoles with three vacuum cleaners, (replaceable) 15 m / min. , Vacuum pump with suction power 140 m³/h and additional vacuum space with 250 liters in the machine frame integrated, operating Panel on the operating side of the machine to the clamping and releasing of the workpieces, free-standing Cabinet ABM. H = 2000 mm x D = 1200 mm x W = 600 mm, CNC control SIEMENS 810 DIGITAL, fully digital drive system interpolierend up to 4 axes linear, 2D + 2 helical interpolation, CNC - compact Control Panel, 10.4 inch TFT flat screen, CNC rotary axis with 11 kW milling motor (constant power 11 kW at 12000 RPM) infinitely variable speed control up to 17,000 rpm, horizontal upper milling unit 5.5 kW (lock box arrangement) with Miller Collet for Chuck he 32 , lateral linear tool changer for 10 tool places in the grid 120 mm, moving with tool changer as a 10-disc changer in the grid 120 mm, 12 x clamping devices for arches, 2 x excavation device with 4 suction cups, two field operation - intended for reciprocal workpiece occupancy, Phillips with 4 shots ERG 25 adapter SK 40 and torque arm, Schwenkagg
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