Homag 10/50/12 Processing center in
Lützen, Germany
$20,896 USD


Subcategory 2:
MC with throughput
Subcategory 3:
Processing center


Elеctronically controlled milling and edge banding, post-processing and drilling center for batchwise production of furniture parts, support table, consists of high-strength plywood plate for receiving the workpiece vacuum clamping device, 8 retractable length stops, 2 retractable side stops left and right vacuum clamping system: pump capacity 220 cbm / h, 2 x 40 cbm / h + cavity in the machine foot control: Homatic CNC system NC80 with PLC control, multi-processor 32-bit industry-standard computer (VME) for Bahnsteürung and operator communication with 40 MB of hard disk storage capacity CNC Bahnsteürung: 3 D interpolation, linear 2 1/2 D interpolation circular 4-Achsensteürung (x, y, z, c) c-axis as coupled to the x-, y-axis components of the freestanding control cabinet: Farbm color monitor 14 inches operation via keyboard input correction and management of CNC programs, basic equipment: Pendulum occupancy steürungsseitig prepared the Beedienbereich is monitored using mats, on entering the danger zone is feed stop all path axes are driven by AC servo motors and feed related controlled incremental measuring system Technical data: length of workpiece min. 250 mm + 40 mm for flush trimming supernatant per page workpiece thickness during chamfer milling min. 12 mm and the radius milling min. 2 x radius + 10 mm, max. 40 mm workpiece length max. 5000 mm Workpiece width max. 1,200 mm 12 double acting Vakuu [...Technical data truncated]