2016 GANNER ProTec CNC Machining
Telfs, Austria


Subcategory 2:
MC with throughput
Subcategory 3:
CNC Machining Center GANNOMAT ProTec


Gannomat ProTec - CNC through-feed machine for drilling, grooving and routing
CNC controlled DRILLING, GROOVING, ROUTING below 3,3m2 with high processing precision and zero setup time, this stands for the GANNOMAT ProTec
The massive processing unit is equipped with 13 vertical drilling spindles, 8 double-horizontal drilling spindles (6Y & 2X), 1 grooving saw in the Y-axis with 1 routing unit. This unit placement allows that all conventional drill / tools are in one seting and only need to be called up
This CNC-controlled machining center operates from the bottom and can work in the through-feed and back-feed mode to the operator
Steel working tables with air jets are the reference for horizontal drilling and in the combination of the massive workpiece clamping system and additional 4th axis at the drilling head, precision drilling is possible. A non-contact laser sensor is used for recognition of the actual workpiece edges (Top and bottom edge), this allows a automatic correction / adjustment of the drilling program
ProTec offers Hightech in technology and application and was developed as a entry-CNC-level-machine for small and medium companies on the one hand and on the other hand as a second machine to a