1991 Heesemann LSM 6 Grinding
Lützen, Germany
$8,358 USD


Subcategory 2:
Wide belt sanders 1300-1499mm working width
Subcategory 3:
Grinding machine


Grinding width 1,300 mm consisting of: 1 rack setup for receiving the transport bed with mounting option for 3 sets and 1 Abbürsteinrichtung 1 transport bed with single conveyor belts including radiating driven by 4.0 kW motor feed speed 5 to 25 m / min. adjustable constant working height 920 mm, setting the various workpiece thicknesses (3 100 mm) by adjusting the height of the whole machine head entering the machine setting via numerical operator terminal, including Störqüllen-, Werkstückdurchlauf- feed rates and speed indication. Height adjustment via terminal. Program memory for max. 20 programs values ​​for engine speed, grinding pressure, grinding beginning, Abrasive, grinding edge intensity is stored and automatically set after selecting the program. 1 Qürschleifaggregat sanding belt dimensions: 5,400 x 150 mm belt speeds: 12 and 24 m / s Motor power: 13/17 kW automatic braking device, complete Drucklamellen- belt system, pneumatic belt tension, intermittent belt blasting 2 longitudinal grinding units sanding belt dimensions: 2,620 x 1,350 mm belt speeds: 10 and 20 m / s Motor power: 16.5 / 21 kW automatic braking system, pneumatic belt tension, intermittent belt blasting, automatic infrared Bandsteürung, belt oscillation 100 mm with appropriate sanding belt [...Technical data truncated]