2012 FISCHER RFM 320-S edge
Sankt Peter am Kammersberg, Austria
RFM 320-S


Subcategory 2:
Edge and profile sanding machinery
Subcategory 3:
edge sander for round chamfered edges


Edge grinding f rounding / chamfering High quality finish for corners and chamfers with rough trimming. In order to rationalize the edge work on, which was extended by a proven machine Milling before grinding aggregate. The milling process requires it, due to the advantage of precisely calibrated, grinding tool, only a rough material to the workpiece edge. In edge processing for the production of fillets and chamfers, with radii up to 12.5 mm is therefore usually only require a router, which is adjustable via two knobs quickly. The precise cut with a long, oscillating Sanding belt which is in the grinding area out gently with a special slide coating and finely adjustable jaws creates high quality surfaces with clean transitions in the adjacent area. The desired dimensions rounding happens with little effort, by rotating the turret precisely calibrated module with radii: and 12.5 mm. Equally surprising is the change to the 45 to 16 mm wide chamfer, Infinitely adjustable grinding role. The grinding of small corners and chamfers can also be from the solid. As an option, it is also larger curves, to a radius of 25 mm, grinding through the use of individual modules. Specifications: Table Size: 1600 x 300 mm Belt Size: L = 2300 mm, w = 30 or 45 mm Schleifber [...Technical data truncated]