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1982 MAAG SH 250/300 S
Hilden, Germany
Maag gear cutting
SH 250/300 S


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Gearwheel shapers
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Used machine very good


Thе machine is practically new and will be delivered with a precision chart. Cutting quality DIN 7
Working range for external gears
Min./max. work piece- Ø mm
Max. tool length approx. 312 mm
Min./max. number of teeth 12 – 1000
Helix angle infinitely variable
Max. face width (with swivelling cutter holder DS for helical gears) 670 mm x cosss
Module with - profiling cutter 25
- generating cutter 50
Min./ max. ram stroke 70 – 700 mm
Ram speed, infinitely variable 3,2 – 40 m/min
Min./max. number of ram strokes per pitch 8 - 150
Min./max. generating path length of table carriage 40 x 460 mm = 920 mm
Work table - Ø 1100 mm
Max. weight of work piece 15000 kg
Table bore - Ø 420 mm
Length of the table bore (for shafts) 1200 mm
Indexing gear - Ø 1116 mm
Swivelling cutter holder DS-250 for helical gears
Max. helix angle 35°
Internal gear cutting attachment JVS-250
Max. work piece outside- Ø 3550 mm
Max. work piece internal- Ø 2940 mm
Max. height of cutter head above work table 1180 mm
Max. face width 365 mm
General details
Max. power of ram drive 71 kW
Approx. weight of the machine 38000 kg
Dimensions of the machine L x W x H approx. 6550 x 4275 x 3310 mm