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2016 Kigo Mietkauf anfragen Kigo

2016 Kigo Mietkauf anfragen Kigo FPC 2015 PVC plastic cabin in Lete, Greece

Lete, Greece
Kigo FPC 2015


Subcategory 2:
PVC plastic cabin
Surface technology


PVC cabin "Kigo FPC 2015" is made for frequent and quick color changes. The time of the cleaning is approximately 10-12 minutes. Dimensions of the cabin: Length: 4,000 mm Width: 1,600 mm Height: 3,400 mm The cabin has sliding doors to set up the run of different sized workpieces in width, 2 openings for automatic guns on each side and one for manual coating. The walls and ceiling are made of a special anti-static plastic (PVC), the plate thickness of 120 mm ensures quick cleaning. The floor is made of INOX 304. The intake is located at the bottom of the cabin. In the center of the floor is flat and walkable. The gently sloping surface of the cabin walls are cleaned by a fan via air pressure and are almost clean when changing colors. A cleaning of the entire system is therefore to provide the very short time. - The state has a Monocyclone and post-filter for suctioning powder. The Monocyclone has the following services: 1. Output 11000 m / h, 2. 1 el.motor 7, 5 kW with pressure 2000 (Pa) 3 fan inlet. 4. Efficiency 95% - mass of Monocyclone: ​​Length: 1520 mm Width: 1520 mm Height: 4340 mm Diameter: 1000 mm -Weight of Monocyclone: ​​700 kg - Under the Monocyclone is a special cone for collecting powder. The interior is made of stainless wire and outside an electrical vibration unit and a pneumatic Syste [...Technical data truncated]