2016 Kigo O.E Powder Coating:

2016 Kigo O.E Powder Coating: Oven 3 meter el in Lete, Greece

Lete, Greece
Kigo O E


Subcategory 2:
Powder Coating: Oven 3 meter el
Surface technology


Powder baking oven Kigo dimensions of the furnace (inside): Length: 3,000 mm Width: 2,000 mm Height: 2,000 mm Dimensions of the oven (with the heating block): Length: 3,300 mm Width: 2,300 mm Height: 2,700 mm SPECIFICATIONS Substructure 1 set steel profile 50 x 50 mm 1 set walls on both sides galvanized sheet 1 mm insulation 1 set rockwool 150mm 100kg / m ventilation system 1 set of galvanized steel sheet temperature Max. 220 C fans 1 pcs. 6000 m / h el.Motor = 2.2 kW Thermal power 60 kW = 51,600 kcal / h sliding 1 sentence 2 pieces, isolated with rock wool, 100mm 100kg / m Heating indirectly via a thermal block unit heater consists of: Stainless Steel Electric heating with heat-resistant Fans heat-resistant bearings and overheating protection The system is an indirect heating, the heating of the furnace by means of a thermal block. The thermal block consists of: - Electrical heaters in stainless steel - Special heat - more resistant fan - electric motor with belt connection to the shaft. - Specific Heat - resistant bearings The Thermoblok is equipped with a overheating protection. The electrical Steüreinheit is divided into electrical and automatic control. It allows us to control all the above mentioned units, consisting of: - electronic temperature control - Thermo magnetic switch. Security (Telemechanique, Siemens, A [...Technical data truncated]