2002 Buerkle Door press line

2002 Buerkle Door press line in Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany


Condition info:
Used machine very good condition


Scissor hardboard feed pusher brushing machine DBM 1400 Glue Spreader DAK 1400 disc roller conveyor pulley roller conveyor 2x4 with screwdown laying station angular transfer conveyor loading basket 4 floors Optima Press floors Sekundärheizkreislauf discharge tray 4 floors cooling hedgehog angular transfer (cooling hedgehog enema) angular transfer (cooling hedgehog outlet) roller conveyor with centering portal T2 Floor Roller 3 pc honeycomb oven Specifications: Optima Press 2 x 4 floors Size: 2600 mm x 1400 mm Thickness of press plate: 90 mm Number of chambers: 2 Number of floors per chamber: 4 opening width: 140 mm Number of hydraulic cylinders: 6 Pieces / Chamber, total: 12 Pieces diameter cylinder: 125 mm max. spec. Pressure: 7.31 kg/cm2 max. Material net Dimensions: 2300 mm x 1250 mm Temperature Sekundärheizkreissystem: 80 - 120 ° C press temperature: 98 C (temperature of the hot plates) Heating medium: Hot water heat demand for press: 147 073 kcal / h with a heating time of 2 hr Heating capacity: 171 kW heating energy: kJ Press force: 2.06161 million N (210,154 kg) per chamber compression pressure: max. 280 bar total weight of the press: about 40 tons materials Length: min. 1800 mm, max. 2300 mm width: min. 600 mm, max. 1250 mm Thickness: min. 40 mm, max. 46 mm Weight: max. 100 kg Material specifications: production orientation door: door top in the direction of passage between the front Material: Flat hardboard or thin chipboard: 3.0 mm - 9 mm [...Technical data truncated]