2014 Beck Maschinenbau MOBIL 2500
Krauchenwies, Germany
$7,199 USD
MOBIL 2500


Stock number:
Mobil 2500
Subcategory 2:
Edge presses
Subcategory 3:
Edge banding press
Working space w x h x d in mm:
2500 x 50 x 105
Overall dimensions w x h x d in mm:
2700 x 1200 x 850


MOBIL 2500
Thе mobile edge banding press. Ideal for constructing furniture
Technical Description MOBIL Typ 2500 (Typ 3000)
> rigid, welded steel frame with fixed fences and spacer for massive, veneer and plastic edges
> integrated electro heating rod made of resistant AL-alloy, lateral cut: 64 x 46 mm, controllable form 50 - 248°C , power att
> 4 (6) clamping and pressing aggregates, each aggregate mounted on 7 ball bearings; each aggregate has its own clamping and pressing cylinder; adjustable width of the work piece 12 - 105 mm. Width of massive surface to be glued on the work piece is about 50 mm
> adjustable counter bearings for exact conformity of the edges
> pressing cylinders and the counter bearings with vulcanised rubber plating's
> fixed fences and spacer are covered by a special glue abrasive coating
> the pneumatic pressing units are controllable separately, always pair wise; each pair: 1 shifter for: clamping of work pieces and 1 shifter for : pressing of work pieces
> press is mobile on 4 guide rollers, 2 rollers with break
> the press is equipped with a pneumatic maintenance unit, adapter 3/8 ´´, pressure controllable from 3-10 bar. Electric connection for the heating rods: 230 V, 50 Hz, att
working space w x h x d in mm: 2500 x 50 x 105
overall dimensions w x h x d in mm: 2700 x 1200 x 850
Additional options and accessories for MOBIL on request