2012 Beck Maschinenbau Kontra Star
Krauchenwies, Germany
Kontra Star


Stock number:
3-Ebenen Sonder
grey with RAL 9002, and zinc chrome RAL 1018
Subcategory 3:
3-level gluing press


3-side gluing press
electro- hydraulic with pneumatic hold down bar
Each level
Working length max. 3000mm
clamping depth max. 1300mm
woodthickness max. 70mm
Each level with 6 piece movable vertical pressing beams, each vertical pressure beam is made of strong -thick walled special hollow profil, section with cylinder adjustment system
The hydraulic cylinder is made with double acting, stroke with 120mm, press ram force is max. 2500 kg at 120 bar
Center of cylinder pressure at 50mm, each cylinder adjustable with indexing grind holes in 100mm distance. Depth of support and pressure plate is 100mm
4 piece hold down bar moveable on each side
Hold-downbar heavy duty edition, easy-sliding antifriction bearingmounted in the rail at top and bottom
Hold down system working on pneumatic power of 2 pressing cylinders and continuous clamping bar. Separate control with pneumatic valve
Overall width = width of the press + 250 mm per hold down bar
Hydraulic-aggregat with large oil reservoir, variable pressure setting from 30 to max. 180 bar pressure output. With automatic final pressure cut- out and automatic pressure monitor with timed pressure switch
The rotation is getting with electrical motor with Start/Stop push buttons
Electrical design is according with VDE, electrical connection 5 KW, 400 V, 50 Hz
Pneumatic connection R 3/8
Colour: grey with RAL 9002, and zinc chrome RAL 1018
Additionally packaging costs
Prices on demand
This gluing press is also as 4-level available