1989 WEINIG Unicontrol 10/2 window
Ottersweier, Germany
$7,209 USD
Unicontrol 10/2


Stock number:
No. of tools:
3, spindle dia 50 mm
Subcategory 2:
Angle plants
Subcategory 3:
window manufacturing m/c
Condition info:
Used machine still in use


spindle order
1. sawing unit, horizontal stroke against 4fold positioning device, 3 kW
2. tongue and grooving spindle, 11 kW, spindle stroke 2 x 100 mm, number of tools: 3
spindle dia 50 mm, clockwise operation for chip free milling of frame
3. profiling spindle to serve several tools on top of each other, 11 kW, spindle stroke 2 x 95 mm
no. of tools: 3, spindle dia 50 mm
4. sawing- and grooving / slot unit , 2.2 kW
pneumatic vertical adjustment with 4fold positioning device
5. milling unit for fittings 2.2 kW, pneumatic horizontal movement
mechanic spindle brake spindle no. 1-4
slot table with twin workpiece clamping device "twin package" with automatic transfer into the longitudinal processing
length fence for max. workpiece length 4,100 mm
tiltable +/- 60 degree
counter wood with automatic change for 2 profiles
alignment for profile spindle to adjust chip removement 0 - 5 mm
feed speed longitudinal processing 8 m/min
device for milling the frame
return roller conveyor with lateral push and sliding table for "1-man-operation"
control: free programmable, switch for 1 programme, at slot section automatic stroke for 2 workpieces; for longitudinal processing max. 4 pieces or 4 sides of frame
control of tool position (longitudinal- and crosswise processing via switch at operation panel
well maintained machine from 1st hand, used capacity: approx. 400 windows a year
required time for milling 1 frame approx. 2.5 min
hourly capacity of frame parts 120-150 scantlings/hour