2001 HOWIAL HVP 25/25 compact
Ottersweier, Germany
HVP 25/25


Stock number:
easy cleaning - precise dosing of glue volume
Consisting of:
8 chain tracks each 3 m long
Subcategory 2:
compact finger jointer for construction
Condition info:
Used machine ready for use


1 compact finger jointing line for construction beams
brand: HOWIAL
year: 2001
consisting of
1 HOWIAL-tipping destacking device SH
to lift the stack onto the required working height and semi-automatic destacking of the layers
Both stacks with and without sticks can be destacked
device to tip the stack 45 degress out of vertical position by means of hydraulic cylinder
max. stack load 4 tons
2 HOWIAL-lamella separation VE 1 to separate the workpieces between the tipping unstacking device and the roller conveyor into the cross cut saw
with pneumatic controlled forks on which the failure (knots etc.) being cut off can be marked manually before lowering down on the roller conveyor position 3
3 12 m HOWIAL- roller conveyor RO-3
driven roller conveyor (in front of RO-1)
feed speed adjustable
with stopper and automatic eject to transfer either the workpiece onto the cross conveyor position 05 or to feed out rejected quality
4 HOWIAL- chain cross conveyor
for automatic infeed into the cross cutting saw
5 HOWIAL- cross cut saw AS 31
pneumatic controlled cross cut saw (upstroke) with 3 automatic feeding devices moving in and positioning the workpiece where ever the marks being put on
the fluorescent maRKs are detected via a special photocell
even the rest piece can be identified as reject
sawing motor 4,5 kW
sawblade dia 500 mm
feeding motors approx. 3 x 1,0 kW
compressed air 8 bar
feeed speed approx. 130 m/min
6 HOWIAL-conveyor belt feeding out the rejects/cutt offs
width of conveyor belt with lateral guidance 350 mm
belt length approx. 2,000 mm l0ng
feed speed 0,4 m/sec
7 HOWIAL- outfeed roller conveyor RO-2
at rear side of cross cut saw, similar to RO-1 but with stopper and pneumatical pusher fence to length approx. 6 m
8 HOWIAL- chain cross conveyor ÃœT-3
to transfer the workpieces from the cross cut saw to the finger jointer HVP-25
consisting of: 7 chains automatically controlled to ensure that different long workpieces will be properly transported into the following finger jointer
automatic feed (frequency controlled)
9 HOWIAL-finger jointer HVP 25/25
fully automtical, electro-hydraulic controlled, including automatic cross cut saw to determine the length of the finger jointed workpiece by means of electronic length measuring
vertical working direction with 2 cutter heads/ working spindles
stainless steel glue applicator ("comb design") - quick change device, adjustable in horizontal and vertical direction, suitable for PU glue, length of fingers 20 mm
advantage: easy cleaning - precise dosing of glue volume
technical data
working width (workpiece width) max. 320 mm
working height (workpiece thickness) max. 160 mm
hydraulic pressure (automatical adjustable) up to 25 to
motor work/moulding spindle 37 kW
revolution 6,000 rpm
spindle diameter 50 mm
motor cross cut saw 4,5 kW
max. square depending on finger length and
wood species approx. 350 cm2
including electric cabinet, hydraulic aggregate and sound proof cabinet
9A automtatic setting of dime