Felino DS Dough dividing and
Heinsberg, Germany


Subcategory 3:
Dough dividing and rounding machine
Food machinery


New, semi-automatic dough divider and molding machine. Does Teigeinlage in 30 Teigklinge that Teigeinlage can optionally also share in 20 and / or 36 pieces of dough. - Operations: cutting and work - can be set to only cutting - shares Teigeinlage in 30 dough pieces (standart) - casting time can be set individual - Knives and pressure plate easy to remove for cleaning - rubber feet for vibration reduction - Blade of stainless steel Optional equipment: - Knife and plate for 20 sections - Knife and board for 36 sections There are two Models offered (DS 30 and DS 36). The difference in these Models is in the maximum and minimum possible weight of Teigeinlage and the dough pieces. Technical data: pieces of dough DS 30 - Weight of Teigeinlage: gr - weight of the dough: 25-125 gr - Connection 3 x 400 V 50 Hz - power 0,75 kW - Weight Net: 262 kg - Gross weight 375 kg - Dimensions (W x D x H) 640 x 700 x 2000 mm For more information, such as other maximum or minimum dough weight of the individual dough pieces, please contact us in writing or by telephone