Stuttgart, Germany
600U BEMA Advance +
Grinding Length:
600 mm
2,2 t


Stock number:
127 mm
Table speeds:
0,02-6 m/min
Centre height:
125,175,225 mm
Grinding depth:
Grinding length:
600 mm
Type of machine:
Cylindrical Grinding Machine - Universal
Machine in stock:
Grinding diameter:
250,350,450 mm
Grinding wheel width:
50 mm
Grinding spindle speed:
1500,1700,2200 U/min
Grinding wheel diameter:
400 mm
Total power requirement:
6,5 kW
Grinding head swivelling:
360 °
Weight of the machine ca:
2,2 t
Work piece spindle speed:
20-400 U/min
Workpiece spindle - bore:
Dimensions of the machine ca:
3,1 x 2,0 m
Longitudinal feed of the table:
900 mm
Grinding spindle head - swivable:
180 + - °


Cylindrical Grinding Machine - Universal KELLENBERGER 600U BEMA Advance +
grinding diameter: 250,350,450 mm
grinding length: 600 mm
centre height: 125,175,225 mm
grinding wheel diameter: 400 mm
grinding wheel width: 50 mm
bore: 127 mm
: MK5
work piece spindle speed: 20-400 U/min
workpiece spindle - bore: mm
grinding head swivelling: 360 °
grinding spindle head - swivable: 180 + - °
grinding spindle speed: 1500,1700,2200 U/min
: 0,001-0,030 mm/Ø
: 0-0,95 mm/Ø
: ±10 °
longitudinal feed of the table: 900 mm
table speeds: 0,02-6 m/min
: 130 kg
: 130 inkl. Spannugkg kg
: mm
grinding depth: mm
: 70 mm
total power requirement: 6,5 kW
weight of the machine ca.: 2,2 t
dimensions of the machine ca.: 3,1 x 2,0 m
Geometrically overhauled and new painted with:
-New CE conform electrical cabinet. (Not the machine)
-New workpiecespindledrive and new control in AC technic.
-Digital Read Out in 2 axis. Definition in x-axis 0,5 microns
-Rotary encoder with Digital Read Out in the worpiece spindle head
-Rotary encoder with Digital Read Out in the grinding spindle head (Height adjustment with spindle not possible)
-new solid internal grinding device for 80mm oder 100mm spindle bore
with height adjustment.
-Center height adjustment to max. 225mm
-Stepless rpm of the grinding spindle
-New DGS cooling unit with paper filter
-Draw tube for chucks
-Center MK3
-Center MK5
-Flange for chucks
Additional accessories upon request.