1968 Schuette wu 3ms Tool
Röthlein, Germany
wu 3ms


Subcategory 2:
Tool grinders
Subcategory 3:
Tool grinding machine
Condition info:
Used machine Very good


Manufacturer: Schütte Type: WU3ms Year: 1968 Control: Manual tip height: 115/200 mm center distance Normal / with extended pivot table: 500/700 mm clamping diameter: 250/400 mm Largest / Smallest distance Aufspanntischoberflasche to spindle Mille: 370/70 mm Max vertical distance Tailstock under / over spindle Mille: 255/45 mm Max horizontal distance spindle Mille till corn tip Aufspanntischkante: 340/385 mm Endworking slide / cross slide: 500/270 mm vertically the slide carrier: 300 mm swivel the chuck table to the vertical axis: 90 degrees swivel of grinding Köpfes on clearance angle under / over Mille: 360 degrees tilting angle of the grinding Köpfes clearance angle under / over Mille: 15-0-15 degree adjustability of the grinding Köpfes on helix angle (right and left twist): 60-0-60 degree rotational speeds of the grinding Spindles: r / min power of the drive motor / hydraulic motor: 0.9/---kw weight: 780 kg