2016 Berger technologie MEGA -
Gwatt, Switzerland
$14,053 USD
MEGA - POINT blue-line


Subcategory 2:
Drill grinding machines


Optical precision drill grinding
High-precision and very easy-drill grinding with optics and
, Costsaver and Swiss in 100% quality
grind drills, thinning and check in the shortest time and with maximum precision. With MEGA POINT blue line you win more than once
achieve with it
- Better positioning
- Improved accuracy of diameter
- Significantly longer service life
- Feed force is greatly reduced
The MEGA POINT blue line is a versatile precision drill grinding machine, which is easy and ergonomic operation and a variety of drills handelsueblichen nachschleift perfect and optimized
MEGA POINT blue-line 1-20mm (Optiom to 30mm)
Technical specifications
Our MEGA POINT drill grinding allows precise and rapid regrinding and thinning all handelsueblichen drills. Our customers have so always perfectly ground drills for disposal. The sophisticated design provides enormous flexibility in terms of the different cut angles and the thinning of the drill
Without a doubt, the world's best conventional drill grinding
Drill material grinding HSS and carbide HSCO
Point angle adjustable 80 ° - 150 °
optional tip angle adjustable up to 180 °
Chuck with collets for drill diameters from 1 to 6.5 mm
Chuck with collets for drill diameter 7 - 20 mm
optional Spannzangenset for drill diameter 20 - 30 mm
Average / free angle adjustable 0 - 40 °
Ausspitzvorrichtung, Ausspitztiefe adjustable
CBN grinding wheel double-fine / coarse D 125 mm
optional DIAMOND grinding wheel (for carbide drills) D 125 mm
CBN grinding wheel for thinning D 50 mm x 4 mm
Engine power 0.3 kW
Spindle speed 2800 r / min
Power supply 230 volt 50 Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 50 x 50 x 50 cm
Weight about 42 kg
For right- and left-cutting, two- and dreilippige drills
With built-in optics (10x Zoom) separate Ausspitzvorrichtung and
1 Machine light
2 chucks with collets D 1 -6.5 mm and D 7 - 20 mm
1 CBNDoppel grinding wheel D 125 mm fine / coarse
1 CBNSchleifscheibe D 50 x 4 mm
1 Set of service tools
1 instruction manual with spare parts list
1 CD-ROM with manual (CE Declaration)
BERGER technology will take over on January 1, 2016, the stock of spare parts of HighTech OPTIMA AG
We can now offer genuine spare parts and service for the OPTIMA and TARTAR Boherschleifmaschinen