2013 GEARTEC GMS 32 2
Essen, Germany
Edge gear cutting
GMS 32


Subcategory 2:
Gearwheel testing machines
Subcategory 3:
2 - edge instrument for spur gears


2 - еdge instrument for spur gears, worm gears, bevel gears ..... Main applications and functions of the machine The Gear tester GMS-32 is designed for universal 2-flank testing of gears and is designed and manufactured taking into account the latest knowledge and experience in the field of metrology. Here gears with straight or helical teeth can be excited and measured between flying or tips. Specifications GMS module 32 Adjustable range 0.1-2.0 mm Wheelbase Wheelbase with and without lace top with 15-90 mm Wheelbase Achsdistanzreduktion 0-80 mm Focusing, master wheel vertical displacement range 50 mm Max wheel diameter between centers 78 mm Max wheel weight 0.5 kg master gear mandrel diameter 12.7 h4 measuring slide, specimen Maximum wheel diameter between centers 110 mm Max workpiece length between centers, normally 110 mm Max workpiece weight 0.5 kg Adjustable measuring force 0-8 N Uncertainty Under 1 m 1 m lower repeatability information about Single edge u . 2-flank testing: In the wake of ever-increasing quality requirements on gears and gear parts, gain in addition to the conventional measuring and testing methods (tactile measurements, 3D measurements), the single flank, the two-flank testing and noise testing is becoming increasingly important. These tests are particularly useful for detecting errors in the gear geometry such as circular and Planlaufei [...Technical data truncated]