2012 Komatech GMT-420 L 3-axis
Hornberg, Germany
GMT-420 L


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Subcategory 2:
Centers (vertikal) 700-799mm (x-travel)
Subcategory 3:
3-axis vertical machining center
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Travels X axis 700 mm Y axis 400 mm Z axis 410 mm Distance spindle nose to table top 170 580 mm Spindle spindle number 1 Spindle speed 15,000 U/min-1 torque max. 24.7 ED 25% / Nm 13.0 ED 100% power 4.8 kW drive Direct drive spindle taper BT 30 spindle acceleration 0 -15 000 U / min-1, sec Spindelabbremsung 0 -15 000 U / min-1, sec spindle bearings mm Clamping force Nm spindle cooling oil mixture feed Rapid traverse X / Y / axis 48 m / min Z axis 56 m / min Tool changer tool taper MAS BT 30 max. Number of tools 20 pcs max. Tool 64 mm free in addition to places max. 80 mm max. Tool length 200 mm max. Tool weight 3.0 kg tool changing time 1-1 1.3 sec chip-to-chip 2.0 sec tightening bolt of the tool holder MAS P30 T-1 engines drive motors X-axis 3.3 kW Y-axis 3.3 kW Z-axis 3:25 kW spindle motor 4.8 kW magazine motor 90 W range worktop 800x400 mm max. Load Weight 250 kg Acceleration X-axis 15 m / s Y-axis 12 m / s Z-axis 15 m / s NC control SIEMENS 828 D with SHOP-MILL SINUMERIK 828D is a panel-based CNC control for demanding applications on lathes and milling machines, such as those typically used in the workshop. It combines CNC, PLC, operating and axis control on a compact and robust unit 10.4 screen SIEMENS control [...Technical data truncated]