2016 Arnold Schroeder Industrieoefen ASL
Frankfurt, Germany
Schroeder furnaces
ASL 30 / 1400C°


Subcategory 2:
Chamber furnace


Happy to advise you of our sales representatives and works with you a detailed offer from. Ask us. Oven Description laboratory chamber furnace ASL 30/14 / s at the ASL -Kammeröfen the heating coil are located on support tubes. The three-layer insulation structure guarantees a low energy requirement. The 5-sided heating provides for optimum temperature rise, even in the upper temperature range. A low surface load of the KANTHAL heating coils leads to low wear and long service life. A round back-ventilated housing construction a good corrosion protection is guaranteed. The use of stainless steel supports this protection in special mass. Unique is the mortarless processed Feürleichtsteindecke blanket with Resic-joists, which allows its natural thermal expansion in any fire, the furnace and avoids cracks and infestation. The steel frame is extremely robust and has a stable door suspension. The electrical connections of Türheizwendel is integrated into the steel construction of the door. The furnace frame is provided with resistant industrial structure lacquer. Inner dimensions: 320 x 320 x 320 mm (WxDxH) External dimensions 620 x 820 x 1280 mm (WxDxH) Power consumption: 10 kW Voltage: 400 V3 / N Maximum temperature: 1400 C - Cover perforated plate against heat and moisture build - 5-sided heating - Floor heating covered and protected by SIC plate - thermocouple Pt RhPt protected from B [...Technical data truncated]